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Kooky Koffee offers specialty coffee directly sourced from Kenyan farmers. We operate our business through a revenue sharing model. This means, for every bag of coffee we sell 5% goes back to the coffee farmers we sourced our beans from. This helps ensure they are more than fairly compensated for their work. If you are a coffee enthusiast that wishes to positively influence this planet through your purchase decisions, Kooky Koffee is for you.

We are a Vancouver based business, run by three friends.

Our Process

Step 1

Establishing partnerships with Kenyan farmers

We source our green beans from small holder farmers in the Central Highlands of Kenya. The altitude and temperature of this area provides for some great tasting coffee. Kenyan coffee is known for its floral, berry aroma, and its distinctive wine like acidity.

Step 2

Harvesting the beans that end up in your coffee bag

Kenya has two coffee harvesting seasons. The main one is between October and December, which is where we source most of our coffee supply. The second season is between April and July. Intriguingly, due to Kenya's unique terrain, coffee cherries are meticulously hand-picked. This traditional method ensures that each coffee bean in your bag has been individually chosen.

Step 3

Purchasing green beans

Once the coffee cherries are harvested and put through a series of traditional processing techniques, we end up with green coffee beans, that we then purchase from our farming partners.

Step 4

Exporting green beans to BC!

The green beans are then exported out to Vancouver where we locally roast and package them. Once you purchase one of our coffee’s, we give back 5% of that revenue to our Kenyan coffee farmers. By giving back a percentage of our retail revenue, we are giving farmers a share in the sale of what they cultivate. IT’S THAT SIMPLE.

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